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Alternative & Natural

Hair Services Santa Rosa

I’m a holistic hairstylist, and I’m here to offer a helping hand to women experiencing any form of hair loss. My mission is simple – to guide and support you through your unique journey with hair loss in a caring and confidential setting.

With 28 years of hairstyling experience and 13 years of living with Alopecia, I bring both professional expertise and personal understanding to the table. I’m here to provide a range of services, including support, resources, hair, wig, and topper services, all tailored to help you look and feel your best, no matter where you are on your hair loss journey.

Let’s embark on this journey together!


Hair Services

Wig and Topper haircuts, styling, modifications, and repairs

With my personal experience in dealing with hair loss, coupled with 28 years of hairstyling expertise and extensive training, I've taken on a mission to offer compassionate support to women navigating the challenging journey from thinning hair to complete hair loss. The world of alternative hair can indeed seem overwhelming initially, but rest assured, I'm here to simplify the process for you. Many individuals discover that finding a ready-made wig that perfectly complements their unique facial features is no small feat. This is where my expertise truly shines. Together, we can craft the ideal style tailored specifically to your needs. If you're uncertain about what can be done to enhance the look and feel of your hairpiece, consider booking a Consultation or a Wig Haircut. These services provide personalized insights into what's possible with your particular wig or topper. I look forward to helping you discover your Hair Peace!


Hair Services

Find the perfect style for your type of hair

I've been a part of the industry for 28 years, and one of my true specialties lies in advanced hair cutting. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of receiving extensive training from some of the industry's foremost experts. My expertise extends to working with all types of hair, and I'm genuinely excited to assist you in discovering the perfect style tailored to your specific hair type. Because, as we all know, the right haircut can make all the difference!

Personal • One-On-One

$90 Individual session. Life, Hair Loss, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching Packages available. I will customize a program to educate and support with issues such as gut health, stress, food sensitivities, hair loss and autoimmune issues. Looking at a person’s life as a whole helps with true healing. Beauty comes from the inside out. When we find balance and healing in all aspects of life, not only does it create true wellbeing, but helps you to be radiantly beautiful. Call or email for more details.