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Natural Hair Services

I am a cutting and styling specialist with 28 years experience specializing in working with natural and alternative hair. I continually receive advanced education and training with top industry leaders, which gives me specialties in Advanced Hair Cutting, Styling, Wigs and Hair Pieces. I also have a holistic aspect to my work which helps my clients on many levels.


Hair Services


My Mini Hair Cut Service is for natural hair and is simply a haircut and minimal styling.

HAIR CUT - $70

The Hair Cut Service is for natural hair and includes a shampoo, scalp massage, haircut, and blow out.

Scalp Facial - $55

This multi-step treatment deeply cleanses, stimulates, soothes, and improves the health of the scalp and promotes hair growth.

Book this as a stand-alone appointment or add-on to any service. As you relax at the shampoo bowl, we will begin with a little steam and a massaging exfoliation of the scalp to remove buildup and begin to stimulate circulation, nourishing the skin of the scalp and follicles. This is followed by a restorative and balancing mask designed to revive the skin and hair. Next, receive a full head and neck massage while we cleanse and restore balance to the natural PH and oils of your scalp. We finish with a steam towel and a restorative skincare serum for your scalp. The serum increases circulation, protects, restores, and soothes to promote hair growth. After this relaxing experience, your scalp will thank you!

(This is for anyone with or without hair.)

Hair Love Treatment - $40 Add on to any service.

My Hair Love Treatment Includes aromatherapy, extended scalp massage, scalp stimulation, deep cleansing, a deep conditioning hair mask, and a steam towel finish.

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Rachel - Hair Peace Studio Santa Rosa

Advanced Hair Cutting & Styling Specialist • Santa Rosa

Hair Loss Specialist • Santa Rosa

Personal & Holistic Health Coaching • Santa Rosa

Reiki, Meditation & Yoga • Santa Rosa

Hi! I’m Rachel and I have been an advanced hair cutting and styling specialist for 28 years, specializing in working with natural and alternative hair. To tell you a little more about how I came to be a specialist in these areas, I am continually receiving advanced education and training with top industry leaders. Knowledge is powerful and helps me to offer more to my clients and helps me to grow as a person. I have had the pleasure of leading a varied and successful career specializing in Advanced Hair Cutting, Styling, Wig and Hair Pieces. I have worked in salons, theater, hair and fashion shows, fashion photography shoots and have had my work showcased in industry publications. Because of this experience I have become a diverse professional. Adding my personal experience with hair loss,, has guided me into yet another specialty as a Hair Loss Specialist and Coach.

Having firsthand knowledge of the needs of a woman experiencing hair loss, I am able to support, offer resources, knowledge and assistance in helping you through the hair loss process. I have varied knowledge in assisting you to find the perfect option to feel comfortable and confident about how you look.

I help to narrow down the overwhelming process of finding the right hair piece, understanding what to do and how it all works, along with offering customization by cutting, thinning, modifying style, and fit to tailor the piece for each person. My goal is to help you find options that you will look and feel good in and to find some peace with your hair.

I also offer personal and holistic health coaching, emotional support, and a deep understanding of the hair loss process in a private environment. Additional services of Reiki, Meditation and Yoga are offered to assist in the healing and acceptance of the process of hair loss. I am a Certified Yoga Instructor, an Advanced Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach, and a Reiki Practitioner. I am able to support and guide you in a variety of ways to assist you in healing and to go through the process of losing hair with more ease from a holistic viewpoint.

In my career, I have had the privilege to work as a member of the NAAF (National Alopecia Areata Foundation) Legislative Liaison Team, as a hairloss and Alopecia support group leader, and a member of the Lead Council and a “Look Good, Feel Better” facilitator with the American Cancer Society. I teach classes at local Beauty Colleges to educate other stylists on the basics of working with wigs and toppers and how to assist a client experiencing hair loss. All of these experiences enhance my ability to provide more knowledge and resources to my clients. I am so grateful to be able to do this work and be here for you!